Hiiwer is focusing on research of anti-aging

Hiiwer is an American brand, focusing on anti-aging, and its products are positioned as high-end health products.

Hiiwer has done a lot of in-depth research in the field of anti-aging, and has done a lot of research on how to improve NAD +. Hiiwer has an academy level laboratory in the United States, with a strong R & D team. The R & D personnel are doctors and postdoctors in medicine and microbiology from the world's top medical schools. Several team members have served as R & D directors and scientific consultants of well-known pharmaceutical companies and health products companies.

Hiiwer also has a laboratory in Canada. The whole team has rich experience in the research and quality detection of health care products and drugs, as well as rich experience in the research and product development of pharmaceutics and molecular biology.

Hiiwer adopts manor care standard and craftsman level special cultivation technology to plant. Different from the general planting conditions, Hiiwer has its own manor special cultivation standard, which has high requirements for sunshine, air, water, temperature, fertilizer and soil, so as to ensure the healthy growth of plants.

When the plants are mature, they are carefully picked by the most respected pickers in the manor, and the excellent persistence of paranoid material control ensures the quality level of raw materials. In order to prevent omissions, the quality control engineer who is strictly selected twice will ensure the best quality of raw materials to the greatest extent, and only 1 / 10 of the pure top-grade raw materials will be left. These raw materials will be sent to the laboratory for high-precision purification, and then used for production.

Each product of Hiiwer is the highest tour to the manor special training and biological aesthetics. It combines the cutting-edge technology, inherits the spirit of the century manor special cultivation, and truly achieves "from nature, break through nature", just as the slogan of hiiwer: the real high-quality life is the persistence of raw materials.